Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold Inside; Cold Outside

Sitting in a cafe in Birmingham, Michigan.
I am here visiting my cousin, who is spending the week-end in the States interviewing for her residency.
Is there anybody left in Lebanon? Beyond 25 years of age?
I know those who are "stuck" have either found a job in downtown Beirut, or are at home, waiting to be called upon by their leaders to the streets, or by some embassy for a visa, whichever comes first.
I was happy though to see my cousin. We sort of grew up together.

It is cold in here,
as it is outside.
Snow flurries cover the streets and the cars.

We are talking about the past days, and as an aged bottle of good red wine, memories lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. But, somehow, you feel the cold creeping in on you as you realize how easily and quickly things are changing around you.
Life is cold my freinds,
life is freezing cold- most of the time.

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