Monday, May 23, 2005

Our Patient God

I was coming back home after a long day at work. I passed by the Chinese restaurant, picked up a chicken curry dish and went to the bus stop and waited. Five minutes later, the East Residential Bus arrived- not my bus. Out of it came a guy wearing very old and dirty clothes. He sat on the bench inside the bus stop, and started humming some sort of song.

It was a sunny day, with blue skies and a lovely breeze. Something very rare in Ohio. You could say I was enjoying the moment. My morning presentation went well, my adviser was happy and I was heading home for some rest before I could continue writing my project progress report. Yes, it was a fine day.

I looked around at the man next to me. I saw him move from the bench and headed towards the trash can. He looked inside of it- his back to me. He turned my way. I looked away and pretended I was day-dreaming. He looked inside the trash bin again, and removed a plastic bag, opened it, and started humming again.

A girl passed by, he said something to himself. As if justifying his action. The girl got into the stop and took a seat close to me, when a lady said hello to her and approached as well. It was clear the lady was one of those people who harrass you for one reason or the other. She started talking to the girl, with a big smile and know-it-all kind of way. She was spreading the word of God she said. The girl told her she didn't believe in God, and, instead believes in evolution.

"I believe in evolution", the lady striked back "but how can you not believe in God?"

She was very astonished, she sounded like she was!

"There is a lot of injustice in the world" says the girl, "isn't God supposed to stop injustice?"

"Ofcourse he will... but He is a VERY patient God", the angelic, tender lady said.

My bus arrived, I picked my stuff, gave the man five dollars and got in. He was eating the dinner he got from the garbage, the lady was still busy trying to win a believer into God's party, the poor girl was struggling for justifications, and I was wondering whether God would want them to sit around and masturbate their thoughts about Him, or just notice the injustice sitting right next to them and do something symbolic about it.

Maybe they are only being VERY patient as well.