Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What Would Remain of Samir Kassir?!...

"You scarred the body of the dragon far too many times, until it couldn't take it anymore".

The image of Samir kassir in our minds is that of a distinguished thinker, a gifted writer as well as a prominent political analyst of the previous couple of decades. He was in the center of the fight for a democratic, strong and immune Lebanese society... Through his writings and activism, he sent one blow after the other to symbols of oppression and corruption, making him a speaker of the people's minds, aware of their dreams and aspirations.

The shock of Kassir's assasination was devastating for the Lebanese people looking forward towards the future with optimism and excitement. A very essential part of their Lebanon was eliminated with such coldness that brought disgust and despair.

A lot has been said lately about politicians and comrades of Kassir making use of his assassination- of his blood- to reach their goals. To me, it is those people who preach and speak of ethics who are the cheapest kind of hypocrits. Take Michel Aoun as an example, Kassir's death was an embarassment to his previous allegations about the end of the police system and its guards. While Aoun himself was overheard planning to use Samir's death to push forward his electoral campaign, he wanted others to simply show sadness and move on.

If the "General's" words of wisdom were to be followed, what would remain of Samir Kassir? What would remain of the cause he died for? If Guevara's cause were to die or be neglected after his assasination, what would be of the dream he held? Why so? Because sacrificing the soul is in the middle of this same fight against ones enemies. Death in itself is an action and a statement in war. That is why the death of Samir Kassir should be the end of those who were his enemies while he was alive.

The Lebanese brain is a very strange one indeed. As much as I hate to be seen as defending an action of Walid Jumblat, I simply can not see how it is not a betrayal of Samir Kassir not to stand up and call for the "old guard" of the police state in Lebanon to follow in the steps of their Syrian masters!!!

I refuse to treat Samir Kassir's death as a simple act of murder, for what was targeted was much more than the man himself. It is an assasination of a dream. Nothing would be left of Samir Kassir if we forget what he stands for and forget who his enemies were and what his cause was. Nothing would wash away the shame and guilt if we simply forget who was threatening Samir Kassir's life, years before it was stolen. The people who detonated the explosive in his car might remain unknown for some time, but those who were scarring the face of Samir's nation, suffocating his dream and mutilating his -our- cause are well known. And some of them are still out there in power. How can we not ask for their removal and punishment?