Friday, June 17, 2005


Image from Assafir Daily Posted by Hello

This image broke my heart. The lady in the picture is a house-keeper for a Lebanese "master". She ran away from the house and only God knows what the reason is. The police, as well as her "owner" are trying to take her back to her working place. Obviously she preferred to go to jail rather than go back, but there was no choice.

Everytime we have a chance, we as Lebanese waste no time whatsoever criticizing inhumanity and racism when it is far away from home. But when it comes to us, we rank among the most racist, inhumane and arrogant people in the world. If we had the chance, God knows how we would use any control we have over others.

Srilankans, Indians, Philippinos or any person we feel we can abuse is treated as a slave. One can never over-generalize, but this attitude has always been (as far as I know) part of our society. And it is about time that we stop it. This is disgusting, and it reflects in everything we do. We are sinking in our ignorance, and the current situation in the country reflects what I am saying. A people which has no respect for itself can not be expected to respect another. But these helpless, lonely individuals who are prisoners of their poverty should at least have the right to choose where and what or how to work. We are living in the 21st century for God's sake. It is a shame and a pitty. What goess around comes around. And John Lennon is always right: "Instant Karma is gonna get you, it's gonna hit you right in the face". 3ayb, walla 3ayb.