Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back In The States

I am back in the great United States of America. I never thought I will ever say this, but I have gladly returned to the land of The Free. Yes, ofcourse, this is an exaggeration, but the experiences I've been through there were more than enough to convince me that our beloved nation will need some more blood and sweat to become a country. And our people will require a century or so of education and beating before they grasp the concept of a country, a nation, and a dignified human being.

I will be posting glimpses of the things I have been faced with while in Lebanon, both to keep them in mind during visits to come, and for you to get an idea about what I am talking about.

In response to my friend Barney, who was wondering what kind of "racism" I was talking about in a previous blog, I will post a newer story about the issue, with some explanation of what goes on in a typical Lebanese/Phoenician human mind. I will be doing all this as soon as my internet provider fixes my connection at home.

This being said, Lebanon has the best landscape ever, the best beaches, and for whoever is in Lebanon and is reading this, visit Janna Sur Mer, it simply is awesome.

It's good to be back,

Abu Takla.