Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Glimpses - Part One

Lebanon, Summer 2005

1- Lebanese are more sectarian than ever. The new generation and the old. The educated and the illiterate. Things will not change any time soon on this level.

2- Nothing will work in the country unless everything is privatized. I am anti-capitalism, but Marx got it right when he thought socialism could only come after a true capitalist society is built. People and societies need to evolve before they go through revolution.

3- If you wanna be cool, be gay. It seems it is hip to be gay these days! Have nothing against homosexuality, until it starts to become a way of life and a trend.

4- You see more skin in Lebanon lingering around in the streets than any other country in the world... except the parts of Africa where clothes are not a necessity.

5- Every guy has at least two girl friends. Every girl has ONLY one boyfriend.

6- Unless you have suicidal tendencies, do not park your car next to another one on the street. This is everyday mother's-advice.

7- The beach is rated (sometimes over-rated, lol). There are the PG13, the R-rated and the family beaches (not so hip!!). This can only happen in Lebanon. In Damour, they DO ask for IDs.

8- Never have a shower before going into a Taxi. It is totally useless.

9- If you hear of a bomb explosion, don't flinch. No one cares anymore, especially if no casualties are reported. When the Monot street bomb exploded, our family gathring was anything but interested in knowing what has happened.

Nine off the book.
More tomorrow.