Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Film ... Taweeeeel?

Think of this as a possible scenario:
Le General takes over the opposition, he puts all of the filthy syrian puppets under his wing, basically keeping them under control, while Seniora and the "sulta" work on building the New Lebanon. When the time comes, Le General takes over as president, and works along with the majority in the parliament, but for the sake of our democracy, they would come up with some "clashes". After all, he is the only politician in Lebanon calling for a complete fulfillment of 1559. He has the same economic program as Hariri, and almost the same political agenda.

In the mean time, Jumblat does the same for Hizbullah and Amal. He is their representative in the "sulta". For example, when Seniora comes to the States and abides by the laws of the New Order, economically and politically, Jumblat leads the way in showing skepticism and "fear of being led to an American plot for a New Middle East", Hizbullah and Amal show support and follow the same rhetoric, he backs off after getting certain "guaranties" from Hariri that Seniora has not made any deals under the table, and thus Hizbullah and Amal's position fades in the background, as they too got the same guaranties.

Nice?!!! Over-simplified, but but that's how they would explain it to Bush in the White House (!!).