Monday, October 10, 2005

The Double Helix

A couple of days ago I finished reading James Watson's book "The Double Helix". Once I started reading the introduction, I was on it all day. It was so easy to relate to the atmosphere surrounding the events in the book, and the character of Watson himself, the Nobel Laureate who doesn't share the boring, serious and nerdy personality of his colleagues was very refreshing and surprising. It was hilarious to know that the man who made the discovery of his century once decided to heat benzene using a Bunsen Burner!! He got his PhD without completing any organic chemistry courses, which proves my hypothesis... smart people and organic chemistry just don't mix. And it comforted me to know that during most lectures he spent his time day-dreaming about stuff that has nothing to do with science... reminds me of... me.
So after all, a successful scientist doesn't have to be a nerdy prick preaching his superiority to every one within a mile of his pompous self. Which means I will have to change... just kidding!!