Friday, November 18, 2005


The prisoners in Adra penitentiary in Syria (populated mostly by an assortment of criminals, thieves, drug addicts...) are on a food strike. They are objecting to the external pressure their country is facing and showing their support to the Baath regime. And it is clear they are ready to face the emperialist/zionist conspiracy that is being prepared in Lebanon as their president said. Actually, this is one good way for the Syrians to face possible sanctions: less food for the prisoners, it would sure save some money, especially with the overcrowded prisons they have.
But in the same Adra penitentiary, there are "some" human rights activists and political prisoners who oppose the regime. Do you think they are on strike as well? Even better, what if they do not want to be on strike? Would they be served food? For some strange reason I doubt it. Maybe they would be starved to death, and this way, the regime would label them as heroes and martyrs instead of traitors and spies. It is so easy for the Baathists to do so. Just yesterday the Lebanese people was one heck of a population of nationalist, patriotic Arabs... the Lebanese were even made to feel equal to their "brothers" in Syria. Yet today they are no more than traitors and zionists (except, ofcourse Amal and Hizbullah followers).