Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Missing Lebanon

How great does it feel to read something like this about Beirut!? Just wonderful, a feeling of pride and "see, I told you so!". I miss Beirut a lot and the rest of Lebanon even more. I couldn't fully enjoy it during my summer vacation due to personal reasons. And afterwards I was very angry at everything that reminded me of it, and still is... somehow.
I tried to fool myself and pretend that I can be just fine living away from all the mess, pollution, all the ignorance, sectarianism, irresponsibilty, all the noise and the turmoil, not to mention the superficiality and the carelessness...
But as soon as you listen to one of those Fairouz songs, everything just vanishes and the longing overwhelms you. I am not sad about that though. It is not nice when you feel angry and disconnected from your country. There is hope in missing it; hope that the coming days will be brighter and cheerful.

Work update: still working on the poster, 2 more weeks to go.