Saturday, December 03, 2005

5-minute break

I'm in a coffee shop studying for the final. Everything is irritating me, I can't stand anyone or anything. Maybe it's the large coffee I had. Maybe it's the noisy environment. Maybe it's me missing Takla so much, or the continuous fighting with my parents. Maybe it's just the exam, or the Developmental Biology articles I am reading. Maybe people are actually annoying and unbearable, what the heck, ofcourse they are... most of the time. Or is it all of the above? I don't know... when I take a break I read about Buddhism (or Buddhists) in National Geographic, how ironic!! By the way, I watched "Life is Beautiful" two days ago. It is a masterpiece, very touching, and very impressive. Roberto Benigni got enough credit for it I think, several Oscars; they were well-deserved though. You have to see it if you haven't. Such a great movie. I always wanted to see it, I don't know what took me so long. I want to watch "Paradise Now", it is showing in a theater very close to where I live. I hope I don't miss it, since I have no time to do anything this week.