Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sad Times

You should know that you have reached the lowest form of humanity when you celebrate the death of a fellow human being, let alone a citizen of your country, let alone a person who has his pen as his only weapon, let alone a man who has a family.
You know you are sick when you see justice served in burning a body to death, when you see the face of God when someone you disagree with is mutilated.You know you are an islamist, not a moslem; a crusader not a christian; a zionist not a jew; a beast not a human being.
You should know all that when you believe that the oppressed and victimized have the right to oppress and victimize others.You are a coward not a martyr, a sheep in the herd not an individual, and a pervert not a fighter when the notion of right and wrong is a point of view: your point of view.
You have to go live on an island, meditate as a human not a "believer", as an individual not a number, and a seeker of truth, not approval. Because time will not turn around to accomodate you, no matter the hatred you hold inside.
The dark ages are gone, doesn't matter how much you cling to them. And freedom, liberty, democracy and independence will prevail, no matter how much you call me a traitor, no matter how many times you burn your "witches" on a stick, or crusify heretics on the cross. No matter what, the best days are coming, not because God is on our side, it is because the justice and the truth are always stronger. It is just how things are.Hariri, Fleihan, Samir, Hawi, and Tueini will live forever, they are not the first and won't be the last...